1. Purpose of this post

This is my first post as part of a series for CS373 Software Engineering with Professor Glenn Downing. This is an introduction to me and my web development experience.

2. Why are you taking Software Engineering?

I signed up for software engineering because it has a strong reputation among UT students. I also wanted to work on my ability to build software as a team. The way tests are structured to be individual in the first half and collaborative in the second half was appealing to me because it gives us an opportunity to tackle problems collaboratively.

3. What experience do you have with web programming?

This past summer, I did full-stack development for HCL using Java EE and Angular. I’ve also done freelance work writing Python Flask apps. This winter break, I taught myself React so I could write a web app that keeps track of recipes. I’ve just started getting into cooking thanks to getting an Instapot for Christmas.

4. Thoughts on the first couple of lectures?

I’ve enjoyed Professor Downing’s lecturing style. It was great how he had us introduce ourselves to the people we were sitting next to. I’ve found that the key to success in CS classes is building connections with my peers, so having an opportunity to do that in lecture allowed me to start networking earlier. I was not expecting to be asked to draw the person sitting next to me but it was a fun challenge.

5. Why are you a CS major?

I like software engineering because it allows you to solve problems you couldn’t solve otherwise by hand. I like systems programming because I find it fascinating to see how operating systems work. I’m excited to be taking multicore operating systems this semester. I’m also interested in cybersecurity which probably stems from watching too much Mr. Robot in high school. I compete in cybersecurity competitions with the Information Security & Systems Society at UT.

6. Favorite cat meme?

mono rail cat